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General Information
Prof. Mehmet Sahinoglu
Faculty at Computer Science Department, Troy University, USA
I'm happy to take on the position of editor in chief of IJCTE. We encourage authors to submit papers concerning any branch of computer theory and engineering.

IJCTE 2012 Vol.4(5): 685-689 ISSN: 1793-8201
DOI: 10.7763/IJCTE.2012.V4.557

Adaptive Mean-Shift Kalman Tracking of Laparoscopic Instruments

Vera Sa-Ing, Saowapak S. Thongvigitmanee, Chumpon Wilasrusmee, and Jackrit Suthakorn
Abstract—Laparoscopic surgery becomes increasingly popular due to high benefits to both surgeon and patients. In this paper, we propose the adaptive mean-shift Kalman tracking algorithm based on the mean-shift algorithm and the Kalman filter for tracking a laparoscopic instrument in laparoscopic surgery. An iterative update of the target candidate in the mean-shift process can improve the tracking performance over a typical mean-shift algorithm. In addition, the Kalman filter is employed to enhance the chance of tracking accuracy, especially when the object disappears from the scene. In this study, we tested the tracking performance of our proposed algorithm by using the different situations from simulated videos. Our experimental results show that the proposed algorithm can locate the target object correctly even when the size and the shape of the target have been changed. In the difficult situation when the target is hiding behind an obstacle, this algorithm can still track the target object correctly after it becomes apparent. Therefore, this proposed algorithm can be used for locating the tip of the laparoscopic instrument in real laparoscopic surgery.

Index Terms—Mean-shift algorithm, kalman filter, object tracking, laparoscopic surgery.

Vera Sa-ing and Saowapak S. Thongvigitmanee are with the Image Technology Lab, Intelligent Informatics Research Unit, National Electronics and Computer Technology Center, Thailand (e-mail: vera.sa-ing@nectec.or.th, saowapak.thongvigitmanee@nectec.or.th ).
Chumpon Wilasrusmee is with the Department of Surgery, Ramathibodi Hospital, Thailand (e-mail: racwl@mahidol.ac.th)
Jackrit Suthakorn is with the Department of Biomedical Engineering, Mahidol University, Thailand (e-mail: jackrit@bartlab.org)


Cite: Vera Sa-Ing, Saowapak S. Thongvigitmanee, Chumpon Wilasrusmee, and Jackrit Suthakorn, "Adaptive Mean-Shift Kalman Tracking of Laparoscopic Instruments," International Journal of Computer Theory and Engineering vol. 4, no. 5, pp.  685-689, 2012.

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